Mark dragon oath will be ironhanded blow is terroristic call governmental bear responsibility

In report will report new net integratedly on July 16, in the day of French National Day recently, after dragon of French president mark and American president Telangpu speak banquet to abandon an ave to hold National Day parade in Parisian sweet a pavilion or house o覆膜板n a terrace, drive toward the Buddhist nun this, attend the Buddhist nun this fear raiding one anniversary activity.


analysis says, arrive from Paris the Buddhist nun this, this year will have double sense to mark dragon on July 14. Mark dragon says, understand the anger of people, will ironhanded blow is terroristic.

Accordin建筑项目模板KPg to the report, mark dragon arrives a高层模板t the Buddhist nun that day this, attend to be a year ago the Buddhist nun this fear what the 86 people that in raiding, die hold chasing after consider commemorative activity. Mark dragon gets the Buddhist nun this mayor Aisituoxi (the receiving of Estrosi) and citizen.

A lady in the crowd asks mark dragon: Presidential gentleman, can you make sure to me such thing won't be recurrent? Earnest answer says mark dragon: I 附近批发模板assure to you.

As we have learned, last year on July 14 National Day, in the Buddhist nun this on famous littoral highway, produce what the truck hits a crowd to fear raiding incident, lead to 84 people death, the tragic that nearly 400 people are injured. Murderer Hu Wajie - be shot dead by polic

e after Buhale. For this, the Buddhist nun this the National Day night that wi

ll spend to do not have fireworks this year.

Mark dragon expresses in the speech, face those who fear the people after raiding to censure critici临沂建筑模板厂sm, I won't avoid and silent. A lot of people are common to safeguarding safe ability is malcontent, regard a country as dynast, I understand this kind of anger.

Mark dragon says, happen when the accident and tear off our life, 中建新型模板研the country should be brave in to assume responsibility. Mark dragon to acceptance of victim family member, the country won't abandon them forever. The step that all deliverance fear raiding a victim will continue to carry out.

Mark dragon oath is in domestic and international with ironhan木模板生长宁木业有限公司产厂家ded blow terroristic, check similar National Day day feared raiding in what Ni Sifa is born last year repeat. Mark dragon raids family member speech of the 山东大州建筑模板有限公司victim to express to fearing that day, blow is terroristic it is the government raids a victim to fearing cannot the responsibility of shirk. He is affirmatory can ensure the aid that fulfils the person that hurt to more than 400.

The Buddhist nun this Aolangde of the president be板材覆膜是什么意思fore the mayor is reached, attended the Buddhist nun that held that day Sakeqi this fear raiding a week age to study an activity.

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