Shaanxi salty this world angles the stage presses down girl beautiful bright by American couple adopt go back to the motherland after 12 years search close

The near future, be gone up to cause heat to discuss i大模板尺寸标准n the net by the information that the Chinese girl of American couple adopt seeks one's own father and mother. A lot of people express to indissoluble: This kind of him abandon parents, search to do what? But to beautiful of绿地模板 13 years old of girls bright for, find the solution that I come to from where, it is the most important one step on growing road probably, also be the one step that must complete.

A piece of special announcement that find a person

Help me seek one's own father and mother please, I am born in about in Feburary 2004, in Xian Yang city angles stage town is mixed the village that promote fort is discovered, social welfare courtyard of salty in relief city was sent by 高唐县众发木业有限公司relevant personnel on Feburary 24, 2004. In I am one year old when, the foster parent that comes from the United States adopted I. I live in the United States happy, I also do not want to disturb the life of one's own parents, I just w建筑模板施工SLant to know where I come 找建筑织木模板from, want to maintain connection with brotherly sister! Ask good intention person to help me seek my dear one!

The near future, a such advertisement that find a person caused not little effect in salty in relief place. The hero is little girl beautiful o

f 13 years old bright. Not long ago, beautiful bright can pull with foster mother Ni建筑用模板 (sound) together far cross the seas and oceans, will mix again the village that promote fort. Of visit at present with last identical, seek fine bright one's own parents.

Be accompanying searched person advertisement to still release much Zhang Jia bright arrive as a child big picture, and the group photo with American family. Once plump infant has grown graceful filly nowadays, there are youth and vigor on the face.

Familiar in those days of the circumstance with Shi Hao of secretary of the branch b

efore the village that promote fort memory says, after just crossing the Spring Festival 2004 before long, the villager will look for his to say, a female baby was collected in oneself doorway. After Shi Hao arrives, discover, female baby is put in box of a paper, there is a sodden cotton-padded jacket on the body, the private parts is wrapping a piece of oilpaper only. Shi Hao plans to let village person come originally 模板价格BXadopt this child, but waited 3 days, unmanned from beginning to end and active application, after be forced to be in 3 days, will female baby sends toward courtyard of salty in relief social welfare. This female baby, the beautiful that is now bright.

The Chinese goes back to the motherland search bring heat to discuss in person

Beautiful bright once the information that seeks one's own father and mother is given out, cause sensation on the net immediately. Everybody is in bless her while health grows, also somebody is right beautiful bright searched 建筑工地打模板真实照片close brigade to raise doubt. Somebody is afraid, if find one's

own parents really, beautiful bright can be gotten on by bluff with oneself American foster parent.

But more people or the goodness that touch Yu Jiaming and hold to, say she divulges out is believed everywhere, hope she finds a dear one at an early date. And foster parent is opposite beautiful bright模板生产 support also makes a person use a facial expression very much. Because,be probably on 潍坊长浦模板BUa 5 a photograph of whole family, beautiful bright smile too too melting, countless netizens are opposite to this adopt beautiful bright foreign couple conveyed the truest acknowledgment and admire, exhort ceaselessly beautiful bright certain want good very filial foster parent.

Shi Hao tells Beijing the youth signs up for a reporter, more than 10 years ago, the village has desert of a few people oneself child, especially the girl. But he says, through investigation, beautiful bright do not list here probably, I worry quite can be an illegitimate child, come so, want to find beautiful bright one's own parents is more difficult.

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