Singapore erupts 400 remonstrant requirement investigates extensive put on a show of force independently Li Xianlong

Login register Singapore of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to erupt does 400 remonstran长宁木业有限公司t requirement investigate extensive put on a show of force independently: of Li Xianlong origin? M food?2017-07-16 09:05 Http://

Abroad net on July 15 report 14 days, the part that about 400 remonstrant collect Singapore in declaimer, the requirement undertakes becoming independent investigating to Singapore premier Li Xianlong, make clear he is in the controversial issue that w建筑模板的计算hy handles father h横润胶合板厂ouse property about be like with family abusive influence.

According to British Reuter report, remonstrant plays big banner on the arena of the horn in declaimer, write above: Singapore belongs to a Singaporean civilian, is not Li familial.

As we have learned, the horn of declaimer is in center of Singapore shopping centre fragrant forest park, it is the designation that people expresses him point of view place.

The report says, in Singapore, the much in a such 400 people groups that protest a government is middleaged person, it is very infrequent. This one assembly needs to receive the permission of authorities, the spot appears without the police.

Home Li disturbance

On June 14, the two children of Li Guangyao of Singapore country father dispatch of 14 days of mornings, say the elder brother Li Xianlong to holding the position of a premier loses confidence, criticise he uses a post to try to persuade Li Guangyao former residence to stay. That day, fierce of grandchildren plum rope also joins war situation, in the light of uncle to father and aunt Li Xianlong's dispatch expresses to support.

Of Singapore

ex-premier Li Guangyao second child Li Weiling of the little brother Li Xianyang with Li Xianlong of premier of daughter, Singapore and little sister issues statement, criticise Li Xianlong uses a prime minister保兴木业有限公司 one duty, tr

y to persuade Li Guangyao Europe to stay to think ceremony way 38 former residence. They say, this one practice violated Li Guangyao before one's death apiration.

Singapore premier Li Xianlong decides to will make a statement on July 3, each accusation that responds to younger brother and sis大模板尺寸标准APter to make, accept congress ask for an explanation. Li Xianlong points out, adopting law to act is to avoid to destroy parental fame further, but he is necessary to be made to assemblyman and Singaporean in congress explain. Li Xianlong told about Ling of Liwei of its and little brother Li Xianyang, little sister to have the process that communicate wi河南建筑模板公司th respect to Li Guangyao former residence, made it clear that oneself are familial to this the view of conflict.

Li Xianlong is in-house to family of its little brother, little sister general general affairs is public at numerous stated dissa工地建筑模板KUtisfaction mixes open-ey高层建筑专用模板ed: I think originally, I abandon the rights and interests of the house, outside place oneself thing, the little brother that can let me, little sister is satisfied. But my absolutely did not think of, they can disregard do建筑模板规格及尺寸BEmestic fame, domestic dispute fair all serve as an elder brother at the world, I do not know what I still should do really, what can still do. But as the premier, I know me cannot for make concessions to avoid trouble, censure ignore to theirs. (compile / abroad net Wu Xiao)

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