One maintenance technician of American is stranded take machine of money machine ATM automatically to spit brief note to be saved please save me

Get Kesasi according to United States of report of Xinhua News Agency a of a bank of city of Si Di of Si Keli of state division Po take paragraph chance automatically (ATM)11 day spits a piece of brief note actually, writing a中庆木业有限公司bove save me.

Izvestia of police of cite of local TV station, ask for help person it is a maintenance technician, he is entered take the room with money hind machine automatically to change door lock, lock up oneself in house carelessly, and did not carry a mobile phone. Below the circumstan

ce是什么建筑模板AC 建筑模板KJthat does not have the door in ask for help, he gives oral instruction to give brief note through taking the receipt of宿迁建筑模板公司 money mach建筑专用模板AAine automatically, writing: Save please save me, I am tired inside. I did not take a mobile phone潍坊九鼎木业, the empl建筑模板多少一块EKoyer that gives me please makes this telephone call.

Many client extraction a money sees this piece of brief note, thinking is fun, do not have justifiable meeting, final a client calls call the police. After the police arrives, hear c高层建筑模板价格ome out from machine extraction a money faint sound, also think somebody is joking unexpectedly. Come till the boss of this maintenance technician, the police just believes somebody is tired at the back of machine extraction a工程模板 money. A police opens the door with crural kick, rescue this hapless man. He does not have a thing. Nevertheless, somebody is in tiredly actually take paragraph chance automatically in, you also do not touch this kind of thing to go up all one's life, this makes a person fab simply. Police officer Alden says

. (Hui Xiaoshuang)

Original title: One maintenance technician of American is s生产加工单模板AFtranded take machine of mon

ey machine ATM automatically to spit brief note to save please save my responsibility editor: Zhu Shihui

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