Upload work to swallow man of Australia of mice head video to be sued

Reported on March 7 according to Afp,

the man that one celebrity weighs mad Matt was in that da模板报价单y Australia courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household appears in court be on trial be on trial. Because he is suspected of filming he bites the video of head of mice finishing work to upload to fac仁和木业建筑模板厂ial book net (Facebook) and sue.

After be Maxiumaluoni of 24 years old to released the video of this paragraph of weird behavior on the net January, australia is royal care animal association (the investigation personnel of RSPCA) has do a crash job, accuse he mistreats an animal later. Official of a court says 7 days, he is in today Bulisibande methodological courtyard is brief appear in court, but expr

ess not to admit his guilt. This case will on April 6 again sessional.

According to this par建筑木胶板价格agraph of video, the man

develops a room, be suspected of bitin贵港建筑模板公司g the head of next mice, fill issues 3 cups of vo鹏林木业有江门建筑模板公司限公司dka later rat head abdomen of a get down.建筑模板JG Then somebody beat one fist toward his face, smashed piece of chair toward his back again, he said then sentence put a horse to come over. On the face of page of face o路桥模板f mad Matt film that this paragraph of video is put in him, the browsing amount that already had 230 thousand for many times.

In th建筑木方模板回收KJe netizen after the comment of a quarrelling sound, maluoni had a return. He writes: Your comment is to laugh at a the dead really, the word that does not have anybody can let me feel what what I do to remorse perhaps lets me regret. (The exercitation compiles: Li Xuan goes over a 大模板工程指什么manuscript or draft: Du Xiaofei)

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