Infrequent bacterium infection sends American Wisconsin 18 people die

The message occupied Beijing of center extensive network on March 7 Chinese sound " news freely " report, have a fever, breath is hurried and algid, this is th新型建筑模板机THe symptom with common cold originally, rest a few days should can heal. But recently, appearing in 18 patients of American Wisconsin after afore-mentioned symptoms, because immune system is serious,be damaged however and die in su施工工程建筑模板ABccession.

A few days ago, american Wisconsin Ministry of Public Health releases news announcement to say, this branch is happening at the infection of bacterium of a kind of mortality of this city in urgent investigation. This kind of bacterium captures just about a moment ago the culprit of life of that 18 life. Up to now, the patient that is affected by the bacterium has reached 44 people.

Xinhua News Agency is stationed in Chicago reporter He Xianfeng to introduce, at present newest data shows, end 廊坊文安模板厂America工地常用的模板叫什么n time March 3. Altogether discovered this kind of case of illness in the 11 towns of Wisconsin south and southeast ministry, the other state that is in the United States has not discovered this kind of bacterium affects case of illness. Before, the news announcement of American Wisconsin Ministry of Pub

lic Health says, infection of this kind of bacterium is by a kind the name is what natural bacterium of Bai Jun causes Yi Lisha of meningeal pus noxiousness, why to say this kind of bacterium is infrequent and deadly, because this kind of bacteria is the bacterium with a kind of comm

on travel,be, the scientist can discover this kin江苏模板批发d of bug in soil, fre

sh water and reservo是什么建筑模板ir normally. Discover those who learn the home to discover the earliest 1959 in textural to this kind of bacteria is virus, but did not discover this kind of bacteria can affect the mankind all the time, and give the mankind cause a disease. The official of Ministry of Public Health of this city blocks Lunmai radical old man to divulge before, above the old person that t瑞轩木业有限公司he great majority of these 44 patients of respecting is 65 years old of above, their itself has serious healthy problem. 6 the first batch doubt are like case of illness to discover last year 12 to this year黑色模板工地 between January, immune system of 建筑基础工程施工AVthe person can be damaged after this kind of bacterium is affected. So they say to feel it is deadly, it is to be based on this consideration.

At present wholesome branch expresses, had not mastered transmission way and infect a source these important information. Had not discovered this kind of evidence shows, this kind of bacterium affects the transmission between person and person, also did not discover the case of illness of children at present. Current, wisconsin Ministry of Public Health is in and the American disease control of American federal and the expert that prevent the branch such as the center detec板材覆膜是什么意思t in the spot. The tool bag draw together that they begin at present detects the doubtful material such as equipment of water, medical treatment. Additional on one hand, also wait in the family member to patient and dead undertake investigating. Door of Ministry of Public Health expresses will, publish the information that they master to the public at any time, at present the public of the Wisconsin compares attention to this one case of illness, but the comparison that behaves is quiet.

(original title: Infrequent bacterium infection sends American Wisconsin 18 people die)

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