Cake of 92 years old of birthday costs Zimbabwe president 184 jins again 1 million (graph)

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According to England " daily Post " report, local time on Feburary 27, to celebrate Zimbabwe president Mujiabei 92 years old birthday, sweat president government office costs 100 much dollars (add up to a RMB about 6.55 million yuan) gigantic菏泽市方木模板 endowment made preparations for him party of a birthday, the luxurious cake that 184 jins heft on龙泽木业有限公司 the banquet makes person look over unforgettable.

Luobaitemujiabei is the age on current world is the oldest currently hold the post ofnational leader. Although year腹膜板厂家 the work is 楼鑫建筑模板厂expensive already, he does not prepare to exit the political field.

Mu Jiabei and domestic person 是什么建筑模板cut cake. Mu Jiabei is the national head of state with this world the biggest get on in years, he is on-the-job what had been as long as 36 years is long.

Father of country of the pioneer that the Mujiabei that was born on Feburary 21, 1924 is African nation emancipatory movement, Zimbabwe. Go up century 6, seventies, the alliance of Zimbabwe Africa nation of his leader is patriotic alignment (nowadays be in office party) it is to overthrow south Luo Dexi inferior (Zimbabwe predecessor)哪里买木模板施工工具GS建筑模板KR the fundamental strength of white man political power.

The birthday party that this cost does not poor also suffers this state of opposition censure. The people that Zimbabwe has nearly 3 million is in hunger because of drought in the center. To celebration of this extravagant birthday, adversary severity of Mu Jiabei criticizes its corruption, weighing its is to despise common Zimbabwean avowedly civilian.

But this celebration still has by tens of thousands advocate, the clothes that more a lot of advocate wear Yin Youmu to add shellfish head portrait expresses his intention with this, mu Jiabei is in a paean, 92 balloons were released in reciting sound.

And Zimbabwe is in office party Africa nation is

allied (Zanu) spokesman says: Money is not a problem. The contribution of Mu Jiabei's president to national history and development is estimated hard. This is more precious than money. The graph is the security personnel on birthday party.

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