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Outside intermediary: Unripe pop incident sends American can Sa Sifa at least 3 dead 20 injuries

[dispatch of Xinhua News Agency] report 25 day覆膜板厂家s according to local media, american can Sa this produced pop event that d建筑木胶板ACa启工木业有限公司y, cause death of at least 3 people, 20 people are injured. Inc建筑模板价格厂家ident orig

in is unspecified.


ginal title: A新型建筑模板价格多少merican can Sa this produced 特级模板SHpop inciden

t to send that day at least 3 dead 20 injuries)

Outsprea建筑模板零售AKd read: American Kansan breaths out dimension county to produce pop inci廊坊建筑模板公司dent to count person casual建筑模板费用报价模板厂家AJties to spearman to be beaten dead

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