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Sa of Wu Kelan bey blocks assorted dimension benefit to inspect barback experience to reveal secret of many military affairses

Login register Sa of bey of Wu Kel无锡建筑模板公司an of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian t建筑模板零售AKo block assorted dimension benefit to inspect barback experience to divulge: of origin of secret of many military affairses?  tries know well?2016-01-20 16:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel


hayiersakashenweili i广西建筑木模板前十名名称nspected governor of state of Sa of heart of Wu Kelan Ao to be located in recently. Subsequently, sakashenweili released a paragraph of video on facial 覆膜板厂家book, get because of revealing martial secret the criticism of media and army.

Sakashenweili debrief, the map is exposed before camera lens. Video cut pursues

建筑模板费用报价 Sakashenweili inspects command post, the map is exposed before camera le临沂东冠木业有限公司ns. (video cut pursues)

This video is filmed by other, in video Sakashenweili is in command post to inspect, listen to the soldier’s report. The report says, sa revealed secret of many military affairses in Kashenweili’s video, include map of secret guard, place troops on garrison duty to wait. Wu Kelan media calls Sakashenweili this is to be destroyed in cold blood.

The army also expressed the indignation that to S建筑模板尺寸规格有几种GDa Kashenweili is without counterespi深圳建筑模板公司onage consciousness behavior this kind. An army personnel says, in video us guard exposed all secrets to come out, the soldi

er’s face also appears before camera lens, and these are on the net shed get round. They got on the net Du Nie Ci overcomes the menace of detached element. Total ginseng ministry returns Wu Kelan to did not publish official comment to this matter at present.

It is reported, april 2014, area of Wu Kelan the eastpart part erupts folk of government office of governmental army, take over the reins of government upon coming age arms with turn over governmental folk to arm the martial conflict between, already caused death of 9000 much people, more than 20000 people to get hurt up to now. From September 2015 since, the dimensions of armed conflict of black the eastpart part and casualty number decline apparently, but just la工地装木模板安装方法ck mutual trust each as a result of conflict, fight incident still happens from time to tome.

(original title: Benefit of dimension of assorted of card of Sa of Wu Kelan bey inspects barback experience divulge a secret)

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