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Vietnam is new-style and large long-range and unmanned aircraft appears plan to be in next year Nanhai test-fly

Login register Vietnam of text of news海子木业 of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian new-style and large does long-range and unmanned aircraft appear plan to be in next year: of Nanhai test-fly origin? ?2015-12-24 17:1 of huge rock of dazzle blade contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Recently, vietnam was水利工程清单控制价模板KA announced newest homebred HS-6L is large and long-range the picture of unmanned aircraft. Should not have man-machine to combine development by academy of Vietnam science and technology and Vietnam the Ministry of Public Security, will complete archetypal engine on November 1, plan at next year the 2nd quarter is in Nanhai test-fly.

The HS-6L that Vietnam TV station broadcasts does not have man-machine picture.

Vietnam media: Protect national security with Yu Wei

Will report on December 11 according to Vietnam TV station, HS-6L exhibits 22 meters without man-machine ala, installation has engine of piston of a Rotax 914 (the person that still use at MQ-1 to prey does not have man-machine) , range 4000 kilometers, a木工模板厂家dd boat time amounts to 35 hours, can carry the optics such as radar, camera and electronic reconnaissance eq建筑模板的价格一览表uip新型模板建筑支撑ment.

Local media coverage says, HS-6L has scientific research and reconnoiter facility without man-machine installation, will protect national security with Yu Wei. Of HS-6L come out show Vietnam can have created long-range and unmanned opportunity, serve for national economy and national security.

England ” weekly of matters pertaining to defense of brief family name ” the report December 21 thinks, academy of Vietnam science and technology is developing HS-6L large and long-range the technology that comes from White Russia was obtained to help in the process of unmanned aircraft.

On May 16, 2013, vietnam premier Ruan Jinyong and Mihayiermiyasinikewei of White Russia premier are strange in, white Russia will offer unmanned opportunity for Vietnam, but did not show offerred measure or type.

Occupy additionally ” guest of rich of matters pertai新型建筑模板机THning to defense ” the website will report on December 14, during Vietnam announces HS-6L to just meet without man-machine delegacy of White Russia academy of sciences visits academy of Vietnam science and technology remotely.

Ame宝康木业有限公司rican Ba Dexue courtyard does not have man-machine research center to 建筑模板供应厂家think, the started to still obtain Sweden technology of the unmanned engine project of Vietnam supports, although last centuries people army has contacted 669 time Vietnam unmanned aircraft of th明盛木业有限公司e U.S. Army. In November 2012, sweden and Vietnam sign cooperative agreement, xiang Yue just provides two magic looks – 1 model unmanned aircraft, offer a techno

logy to support without man-machine design respect in intermediate range.

On century end from be modelled on small-sized and unmanned aircraft begins

Israel also is one of technical origin that Vietnam does not have man-machine. According to ” Vietnam youth signs up for ” report, vietnam army bought a few DF-16 from Israel 1996 small-sized and unmanned aircraft, be modelled on subsequently gave M-96

and M-96D two target drone, devoted quantity is produced.

On this foundation, university of the technology inside institute of technology of Vietnam air defence and river developed relatively mature M-400CT series target drone jointly, use for Vietnam antiaircraft forces.

This year in October, institute of technology of Vietnam air defence made public unmanned a

ircraft to produce a workshop to media. Vietnam news network publishs tens of the photograph shows, its use pure handiwork to assemble mode without man-machine product line.

The Vietnam researcher that pursues relevant research admits, a series of new-style and unmanned aircraft that the technical level of these remote control target drone and Vietnam make public in recent years have bigger difference.

The unmanned aircraft of Vietnam and Israel trades not because be modelled on problem and interrupt. According to ” flight international ” website report, vietnam imported two orbit aircraft from Israel last year – 2 (Orbiter 2) unmanned aircraft system, produce large and unmanned aircraft to express an interest to Israel.

Vietnam still is contacted with the war industry enterprise of the United States and Europe, purchase of purpose include advanced battleplan, maritime patrol machine装配式建筑设备模具AC and large quantities of aviation that do not have man-machine inside equip, with the force in the sky that aggrandizement is in Nanhai area. Reuter report says, these enterprises include the international such as Boeing, Luo Ma, empty guest, Sabo and European battleplan company enterprise of top-ranking war industry.

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