Vietnam Xian harbor tightens up control to answer immigrant to swarm into settler Chinese to be in the majority

Swarm into Vietnam Xian harbor as the foreigner that gives priority to with the Chinese, local government begins to tighten up emigrant control. According to Vietnam ” the youth signs up for ” 7 days of reports, xian harbor is the coastal city with mid Vietnam, in rece高柱模板上市五年成功EGnt years a lot of foreigners emigrate Xian harbor, among them the Chi工程覆膜板BOnese is in the majority. A few people carry local avoid estate law, acquire house property illegally. The controller with Xian harbor a mountainous area the five elements expresses, most Chinese, it is tourist or labor 木工模板最好的板no matter, choose to purchase house property there them, this makes local government strengthen the superintendency of pair of housing problems.

The five elements is a mountainous area stand by Nanhai, the number of Vietnam government shows, had welcomed visitor of 129 thousand international this year, among them 65 thousand it is a Chinese. Have tourist of China of charter flight general every week from its coastal city carries X建筑木方EGian建筑模板价格表 harbor. ” green annals ” say, the management of big public house of international of Xian harbor silver-colored beach just comes from China, they also are here 5 stars class the development business of hote

l of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers. The Chinese of Lai Xian harbor perhaps lives in big public house of silve德州建筑模板公司r-colored beach internatio建筑模板十大品牌nal, perhaps work in the construction site of this hotel. China develops business to bring 300 workers from home last month, what this causes Xian harbor expert and public is anxious.

The responsible voice with Xian harbor a moun工地模板生产WDtainous area the five elements says, more and more Chinese brought countless issue to them. Up to by November, this canton hears the 11 picket case that involves a foreigner to violate safety and social order. Among them a bilk case that is 20 thousand dollars, several Chinese that still case drag in arrives to only travel autograph is signed without the job.

Report, the five elements is a mountainous area altogether is rental 20 houses and small-sized hotel, use at bringing buy China worker and project technology staff. Recently, a mountainous area government punished the five elements a c

ontractor that uses worker of 64 illegal China, return punish the hotel建筑模板厂家价格表AD that a Chinese that holds travel visa job for 30 offers board and lodging. Local government returns discovery, 71 local bought 137 land with the Chinese’s name.

According to the new housing standard that issues this year, vietnam doe建筑腹膜板厂家s not allow a foreigner to undertake land is made over trade, the foreigner can have boarding house only or building droit of 50 years. ” green annals ” say, look for local for you act is estate of foreigner avoid Vietnam the idiomatic gimmick of th

e law. This year September, rich and environmental branch had given out Xian harbor the warning says, a lot of Chinese give Vietnam local money, ask them to buy land for you in the seaside. The chief with Xian harbor a mountainous area the five elements says, the government will tighten up living regulation, punish the foreigner of lawbreaking regulation, the foreign nationality worker that still will prohibit doing not have working visa comes Vietnam.

[round-the-world times is stationed in Wang Jun of reporter of Vietnam engage by special arrangement Song Ke of reporter of round-the-world times engage by special arrangement]

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