Net of 3 families concern uncovers An Beijin of photograph of data of setting of An Beizu father secret (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral F建筑木模板生产厂家CFujian to install An Beijin of photograph of data of times grandfather setting does net of 3 families concern uncover secret (graph) origin: ? ?2015-09-23 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Install photograph of data of times grandfather setting, and apparent, how times have two ancestry. One is soul of militarism of Japanese right wing, Japan (bank of suspect of war criminal of the grandfather that includes him, first class believes interpose) ; Another grandfather that is him himself opposes war, An Beikuan of Japanese pacifis胶合板厂家tic politician.

According to Japan ” produce classics news ” will report on September 22, before Japanese premier brings times advance 22 days 3, toward Jing Gang prefectural hill Ding is pay respects to sb at his tomb of interpose of grandfather bank letter. The safety that he reports to grandfather understanding bans collective defend oneself to counterpoise safeguards the information that relevant proposed law passes in congress. The graph is An Beijin 3 for grandfather pay respects to sb at his tomb.

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Japanese premier brings times advance the 3 good c建筑组合模板BOonventions that emphasize new Japanese fastening successive ancestors heart Asian peace and prosperity repeatedly, hold high active pacifistic new colors, for the area in all flourish escorts the Emperor


And apparent, how times have two ancestry. One is soul of militarism of Japanese right wing, Japan (bank of suspect of war criminal of the grandfather that includes him, first class believes interpose) ; Another grandfather that is him himself opposes war, An Beikuan of Japanese pacifistic politician.

Regrettablly, installing times ancestors that admits is former undoubtedly. These people ever also sang loudly the argument of peace and prospe建筑施工模板批发ABrity, and install the brave words of times to be able to ‘t help making a person think back to Japanese clear and 特级模板SHthe emperor of Japan were in case 1941 the declare war book that starts war of big East Asia to release, say among them: Ensure East Asia is stable, make contribution for world peace, it is great Ming Zhitian emperor and big the conception of the emperor of Japan, also be day and night hover the thing of my mind. And the begin of declaration of bi建筑模板施工图片g Japan Caesarean government that released on December 9, 1941 says partly: Ensure East Asia is stable, making contribution for world peace is big Japan empire cannot oscillatory national policy.

Is Japanese mordern history to install times saying heart to fasten the history of Asian peace and prosperity? Not be of course.

Treat reform to come axiomatically nearly hundred years till World War II is terminative, japan is in discontinuously scarcely start aggressive war, 1894 the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, 1904 day Russia war, invaded 1931 China war, comprehensive 1937 invade China war and 1941 Pacific Ocean war, external the theme that aggressive dilate is Japanese mordern history, the war that Japanese mordern history is latter-day Japan history, such historical conclusion not only whole world people knows, and earnest Japanese learned man, honest Japan common people also knows.

People notices rarely, how times distorting aggressive history while, also be in intended innocently evasive oneself family history. The An Beijin that is born at political old and well-known family 3, allude rarely actually its grandfather An Beikuan, and Japanese media more this matter of not active report. When bringing company of spirit of country of pacify of times high-key pay homage to, the peaceful 板材覆膜是什么意思last wish that never also has heard he goes be successive An Beikuan before his grandfather is graveyard has expressed what state. The career opposing war that this also brought about the grandfather that brings times prime minister is little-known新型建筑模板报价BC.

2007, the premier before Japan 3 Mu Wufu’s madams 3 wood harmonious child the speech on the meeting can learn in 9, recall old friend Mr An Beikuan of their couple. During Pacific Ocean war, the examination of military police of Japan of escape of Mr An Beikuan, swing those who ban the secret police that turns over statements and actions of government of the emperor of Japan to dog, run at ave lane, to Japanese people conduct propaganda opposes battle idea, the route that conduct propaganda takes peace only, abandon warlike ability saving Japan forever. What they do at that time is subterranean job and private job, have at any time be arrested the danger of decapitate, and day and night outer the husband of 3 wood fierce that run and An Beikuan, those who eat is harmonious the rice group that filial person holds with one’s own hands often is hungry abdomen even go conduct propaganda, speech.

The final part that in Asian safety the peak can make a speech, install times again

th昊森板材公司e admirable tradition that to country attending the meeting earnest acceptance

wants successive ancestors. And if installs the times tomorrow that returns nation of Japan of cherish Japan people, cherish, those who have a few pairs of him grandfather is return to revere in the heart with the yearning, so, he should resemble Mr An Beikuan in that way, go in the people, go listening to the Japanese future picture that they expect, listen to them to basic necessities of life anxious, anxious to what the nucleus pollutes an environment, right of privilege anxious, is not the fantasy that continues to do new Japa杞鸿木业有限公司n.

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