FBI warns children but couplet net toy fears can divulging individual privacy

Will report on July 18 according to British Reuter, FBI (FBI)17 day issues a warning to parents, the couplet net toy of children has the risk that divulges privacy, put in safe hidden trouble.

Say in a warning that the FBI issues on its website, these toys may contain a few components or func腹膜模板DFtion, like mic建筑公司红头文件模板rophone, photograph store like head, GPS, data and speech recognition, these divulge individual information likel寿光市鑫源木业有限公司y. The normal dialog with the toy may divulge the information such as the child's full name, sch玖玖木业有限公司ool, likes and dislikes and participation activity.

Is the research of Rapid7 of network security company in charge of Todd? Beardsley (when Tod Beardsley) accepts a phone to inter

view, say: "I think this is FBI f中建新型模板研irst time issues suc

h warning, a lot of people think FBI is orgnaization of a government, do affirmative meeting t施工模板BPo raise the risk consciousness of toy of people couplet net so so. Do affirmative meeting

to raise the risk consciousness of toy of people couplet net s混凝土模板厂家o so..

Intelligent toy and recreational equipment are more and more welcome, because they were united in wedlock,be based on an user to learn and adjust the technology of behavior interactively.

高档建筑模板市场预测BJThis year Feburary, germany prohibits sale山东建筑模板公司 and hold by American toy company " achieve century toy " (Genesis Toys) place produces the建筑模板规格AF name is triumphant the rag baby that pull, say the risk that the hacker atttacks and this baby are concerned. The parents that management board of German federal network suggested to had bought this baby for the child wants finish it. (The exercitation compiles: Li Qian goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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