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One maintenance technician of American is stranded take machine of money machine ATM automatically to spit brief note to be saved please save me

Get Kesasi according to United States of report of Xinhua News Agency a of a bank of city of Si Di of Si Keli of state division Po take paragraph chance automatically (ATM)11 day spits a piece of brief note actually, writing a中庆木业有限公司bove save me.

Izvestia of police of cite of local TV station, as[……]

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Singapore erupts 400 remonstrant requirement investigates extensive put on a show of force independently Li Xianlong

Login register Singapore of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to erupt does 400 remonstran长宁木业有限公司t requirement investigate extensive put on a show of force independently: of Li Xianlong origin? M food?2017-07-16 09:05 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Abroad net on July[……]

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American female assemblyman sends long mobile phone to be worked in the same place to get naked surround according to 2 million person view

According to website of American online company (AOL. ) will report on July 14, american political field reemer单侧模支撑供应厂家RFges peachy incident.

Si Tai模板工程xi general pulls congressman of the Democratic Party before Sijite (the assistant of Stacey Plasket) installs Maikalemu why (Juan McCullum) and L[……]

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Shaanxi salty this world angles the stage presses down girl beautiful bright by American couple adopt go back to the motherland after 12 years search close

The near future, be gone up to cause heat to discuss i大模板尺寸标准n the net by the information that the Chinese girl of American couple adopt seeks one’s own father and mother. A lot of people express to indissoluble: This kind of him abandon parents, search to do what? But to beautiful of绿地模板 13 years[……]

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Mark dragon oath will be ironhanded blow is terroristic call governmental bear responsibility

In report will report new net integratedly on July 16, in the day of French National Day recently, after dragon of French president mark and American president Telangpu speak banquet to abandon an ave to hold National Day parade in Parisian sweet a pavilion or house o覆膜板n a terrace, drive toward th[……]

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Passenger car of the member that India holds pilgrim person drops cliff is sent 16 dead 27 injuries

In people net new moral character on July 17 report (reporter Zou Song) India楼鑫建筑模板厂n police disclose什么是模板玻璃模板工程KHs 16 days, a passenger car that is fully loaded with Indian pilgrim was imprinting that day accuse Kashmir area to drop into the val菏泽市郓城县建筑模板经营部ley, at least 16 people die, additionall[……]

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FBI warns children but couplet net toy fears can divulging individual privacy

Will report on July 18 according to British Reuter, FBI (FBI)17 day issues a warning to parents, the couplet net toy of children has the risk that divulges privacy, put in safe hidden trouble.

Say in a warning that the FBI issues on its website, these toys may contain a few components or func腹膜模板D[……]

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